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Shawmut Education offers a broad range of media services including but not limited to:

Our work in media started with our Cable Television Show "Homelessness With Hope". The thought at that time was simply to use cable access as a means to distribute information about community economic development. After a few years we eventually built our own media server. We currently use a "cloud computing" model.

The "Homelessness with Hope" show began at Cambridge Community Television (CCTV). The relationship between CCTV and Shawmut Education founder David Pearson offered the opportunity to first test teaching methods developed from the founder's research, while at the same time providing the organization with access to video equipment and cable tv distribution opportunities. An unforeseen benefit was the CCTV introduction of David Pearson to Bob Doyle.

The purpose of that introduction was to work with Bob and his time on an events calendar however it led to a much deeper and longer lasting relationship than either could have imagined. Bob was the founder of DTV Group and rovided the opportunity for Shawmut Education to video the third international Open Source Content Management (OSCOM) conference at Harvard University's Berkman Center for Internet and Society in the spring of 2003. The first ever podcast was an outgrowth of that conference and DTV Group.

We also gained a great deal of expertise in the use of video while teaching in a virtual environment such as the Shawmut Education "Digital Classroom". This work was highlighted ar the Grassroots Use of Technology Conference and you will see some examples of this amongst the videos provided below. We configured our first "Online Classroom" in 2002 and in 2008 we began working with Learning Management Systems (LMS) like Moodle as well as course design and development software. Our